Tourist Attractions During Eid in Bandung

Tourist Attractions During Eid in Bandung

Eid is the time to go home and gather with family. Because it’s been 1 year those who have worked in other people’s cities or migrated to other countries want to return to their hometowns. Of course not a few do it and almost everyone does it. During Eid, the holiday allowance given is much higher than usual because the company will provide more holiday bonuses to all its employees. Not a few who take action on Eid al-Fitr to invite their families to travel out of town. Tourist Attractions During Eid in Bandung

If you want to do a different Eid holiday from previous years, visit the city of Bandung. In the city of Bandung, of course, it is not only the city of fashion that is known, but the city of Bandung is famous for its natural attractions which cannot be denied, it is very good. Bandung tourist attractions that you need to visit are:

1.Cicalengka Dreamland

Arb-woman – Cicalengka in the city of Bandung is located in the eastern part of Bandung Regency. The area of Cicalengka Dreamland has an area of up to 47 hectares. You can imagine that the area is accompanied by views of the hills and the air is very cool. Of course, Bandung has very fresh air, especially in the hills. Apart from that, those of you who like photos will certainly be very happy, because there are many supporting spots.

2.Dago Bakery Punclut

It turns out that the atmosphere of the castle does not only exist in fairy tales, but for those of you who want to experience a castle like in Europe or Disney Land, this tour is perfect. This castle in Punclut has 4 floors. Don’t forget to capture the best moments when you are in the castle. In that place you not only do nature tours, but you can do culinary tours.

Fun play area//Bandung
  1. Tebing Keraton (Cliff Palace)

For those of you who have never seen a view with a different sensation, of course by seeing this you can explore more. The view to see the sunrise or the view after the rain needs to be captured. The location of the palace cliff tourism is close to the Tahura complex. Those of you who visit this location will see green trees from a distance that will amaze you with its beauty. Nature tourism on the cliffs of the palace is really recommended, so you won’t be disappointed for sure.

4. Bougenville Park 

Bougenville Park tourist attractions are located on Jalan Gunung Puntang, Bandung district. When you enter this tourist spot, you will be offered some interesting facilities such as a wooden bridge. The bridge will connect to the villa and the Cigeureuh river. There will be various views that you will not expect when visiting this one tour. In this Bougenville park there are various kinds of garden beauty and unique building forms. When you come to this location you can capture the moment with your loved ones.

5.The Lodge Maribaya

The Lodge Maribaya Tourism is a favorite tourist spot, while on Eid days this tourist spot is still empty of visitors. So you can enjoy all this atmosphere with satisfaction. The entrance ticket on this tour is not too expensive, because there are various beautiful views that you will see as it should be. The location of The Lodge Maribaya Tourism is in Cibodas, Lembang sub-district, Kab. West Bandung.

To travel to tourist attractions, of course, in addition to the calculated costs, you need to prepare yourself to stay fit. Because you will be traveling quite far from where you live.